Passed CEH - 28th Dec 2017

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I began studying for this exam in Sept. 2017. I only used the Certified.Ethical.Hacker.All-in-One.Exam.Guide.3rd Edition(Matt Walker) e-book for my exam prep. I also used the Total Tester practice exam software which came with the e-book to gauge my knowledge and understanding. I didn't rush through the book but took my time by reading about 2 chapters a week with some time off occasionally. If I had know how easy this test would be I may not have slacked off so much.


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    Congrats man a pass is a pass!
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    Yeah, I am on Chap 6 of Matt's book and been doing pretty good on all of the chapter end questions, except on Chap 5, only got about half of them correct...Gonna have to focus on re-reading that Chapter...But I haven't even done any labs yet...I will probably read another CEH book just to reinforce my knowledge and take the test in March or April.

    p.s. Congrats on your results!
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    When you say easy? what is your background? how long you worked in IT or Infosec etc?I have started to study CEH with CBTnuggets and may buy the book you mentioned. I havent set a date yet though so trying to figure out how long I should give myself.I have done a few Windows Server exams, CCENT, CCNA 200-125, Comptia A+ and just done my Comptia Security+ last month, I work as a Infrastructure/Network Engineer so have quite good above average broad knowledge of everything IT and my hobby is InfoSec (studying to move into this career). Took me 1.5 months studying Comptia Security+ with cbtnuggets to pass.How long do you think I should study for? was there any catch me outs in the exam?
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    I can say that it was easy for me because I have been working in IT for sometime. So some of the concepts were not new to me. It was basically a review of what I learned from my college degree plan. I had receive my degree in Network Security in 2015. So I already had somewhat of a foundation. The CEH was actually building upon my current Security+ and CCNA Security certs. id2 I think with your background and some dedicated study, if you use Matt Walker's book and reinforce your knowledge with the Total Tester practice exam software, I think 2-2 1/2 months should be enough time for you to ace the exam.
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