Failed CISSP Dec 28, 2018

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I failed my CISSP test yesterday. It was my second attempt and to my surprise the domains in which I did well in last exam was my weakest in this exam. I did above proficiency level in 4 domains and near proficiency level in rest.
I have no idea what I am doing wrong.

My advise, don't take CAT easy.

I prepare for the exam with following books and exam material.

1. cissp dummies
2. sybex
3. 11th hour
4. cissp study guide - eric conrad
5. exam cram
6: Boson Exam
7: cybrary
8: Bootcamp by Sari Green
9: Official practice app and book


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    How were you doing on the practice exams?
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    Pretty good, 80 to 90 %.
    One more thing, prepare your self for 150 questions for the exam.
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    I experienced the same issue today. Originally, I sat for the exam in November and scored in 650. So, I immediately rescheduled the test because of my pride and because I felt I used the wrong approach. Well, I sat today and got my ass kicked with this new CAT format. Moving forward, I will be using the Sybex and the Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK (as a reference). I may even use the Shon Harris book as well because the test appeared to be more than a "mile wide, inch deep".

    I used the following study materials below to prepare.

    1. Cissp dummies
    2. Sybex
    3. 11th hour
    4. Cissp study guide - eric conrad
    5: Boson Exam
    6: Cybrary
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    Respectfully, it not about the study materials, you may need to review your strategies and approach and also know what fits you the most in terms of learning and knowledge retention.


    Dont give up. Best of luck.
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    Try not to take it personally (not easy, I know). It has always been a tough exam - I was doing well on the practice questions prior to the exam then when I actually sat the exam felt like I hadn't even touched on a lot of the material.
    Do plenty of practice questions from different sources and review your strategies on how you answer questions. Good luck!
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