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So I just took Lammle's chapter 3 practice quiz and it did not go well........at several points I had to resist the urge to chuck the book out of the nearest window and move on to Odom's book. Look so far I like the actual material in Lammle's book, I like the examples, it's easy to follow along and understand. The problem I'm having is with the review sections and quizzes. So the way I look at things is that the chapter is designed to teach you about the important concepts and points and why they're important whereas the keypoint section is the quick one/two sentence spark notes of what you need to know. So you read the chapter to get context and understand the keypoints, whereas you study and memorize the keypoints.

The problem I'm having is that Lammle's keypoint section is a joke, it's so generalized that I already knew or could guess half of it coming into the chapter. Not only that but Lammle forgets to highlight or make a clear point about what is the important piece of information I should be taking away from that part of the chapter. So when I'm trying to review for the quizzes I don't pay much intention to that part because Lammle doesn't make any indication that it's that important until the actual quiz. And I don't go into these quizzes halfheartedly or with the intention of failure being ok, I treat them like they're the actual CCNA exam and so when I'm getting my ass kicked I'm not ok! It's like Lammle honestly expects me to memorize all 40 pages of his chapter or some bullshit.

Maybe it's me though, maybe I'm the F-ing dumbass who can't figure out how to utilized Lammle's work. Maybe this is Lammle telling me that I'm too stupid to pass CCNA and should just give up. Has anyone else had this type of trouble with Lammle's quizzes?

Also are those quizzes really setup like the actual CCNA exam because they don't look like it to me. I thought the CCNA exam was going to be setup like Comptia exams (situational based questions) vs. straight forward "which of these use TCP" questions Lammle asks.


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    This is why I chose to use Odom. It was worth the trade off of being a bit more dry in being more thorough. I did like the way Lammle taught subnetting though. That was how it finally stuck for me.
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    I have never used any practice test that comes with the books I use the ones that come from WGU typically Transcender or Boson.

    I found Odom's book far superior to Lammle's, probably better for someone with less experience.
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