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Never posted anything in a forum 'till now!! Havent taken an exam in 20 years either. But as I was looking for info and arrived here i thoght I would take the time to answer some of the questions I was and have seen others looking for.... The actual test took me about 30mins to complete and was totally Multi choice.. to me you either know the answer or give a good guess ... thats it ... why anyone would need 90 mins I dont know. I think I was lucky with the addresses etc 'cause they were ones I knew but you should memorise the. There was a question relating to Thick Net.... and I would sugest to anyone learn some alternate terminology .. dont know if thats because im in uk and have been mainly looking at US material but there were a couple on things that didnt make sense at first glance... But for those of you that are worried it was easier than most of the practice exams I have taken on line.

I used www.mindleaders.com initially and then just searched the net for anything I could find.. The practise tests on this site were the best freebies I found. I have to study now for the OS part which will be much harder for me so Good luck to anyone taking the cert.

PS no I dont know how they score it as I was pretty sure I knew all but 3 answeres for sure and educaated guessed them I got 720??


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    I had the same kind of thing happen to me. I scored in the 720 - 730 area but going into the test I was getting 95 to 100% on all the practice tests. I think the people who write the tests are more intent on tricking us than making sure we know the matertial!

    In any event


    You never have to take that test again!
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