Deploying multiple images at a time -so easy that child could do it?

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Our production dept has become worried that their individual loading of software for customer's PCs is taking to long. We are talking maybe 10/week. So looking for a good solution where we can just create a Gold image, then push from a stand alone machine and to multiple machines at once. Kind of a "set it and forget it" deal. Any good recommendations for software? I believe we can use Clonezilla Server, but not sure if that can push all the images at once. Just looking for suggestions.


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    There is Windows Deployment services, MDT, and SCCM. The first 2 are less involved. SCCM is an overall management platform for your clients. These are all Microsoft approved methods for deploying Windows. Beyond that I don't have much for ya as we are required to stay within approved methods. If I remember right they all support multi-cast deployments as well.
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    I know Ghost can handle it easily. Not sure on costs, though. Clonezilla Server most likely can do it as well, but I'm not 100%.

    We used to use Ghost before moving to SCCM.
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    At the school district we used Lan Desk management console or Zendesk. I was told prior Zendesk would push down images via multicast flawlessly.
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    I'd create an image and deploy using pxe boot. Very simple, quick and cheap.
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    I have built out two deployment systems for 2 different companies. I have moved over to a Network Engineer role now but can provide some insight. The first time I deployed WDS was at a school and we didn't have a lot of money for a dedicated server so I installed Server 08R2 on Virtualbox and tossed it on the largest desktop I had access to.

    My cheap down and dirty method.

    1) Install Virtualbox on a large desktop with plenty of storage and ram. The one I used was a cheap OptiPlex 960 with 8GB of ram and 500GB HD. The school was cheap and this is what I had.

    2) Install Server 2008 R2 on the VM. Must be R2 version.

    3) Watch this 2hr video

    4) You will need the 2008R2 ISO because WDS needs to make its capture image for 32/64bit computers.

    5) Import all your computers drivers from C:\Windows\System32\drivers and C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore unless you can get the .cab files from whoever the PC makers are. HP and Dell both have .cab files for all their drivers.

    6) Build you Gold Image on a computer with all the software you need to have. Run all your updates. If your happy with the image you can now sysprep the image.

    7) Run sysprep C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep and select shutdown option.

    icon_cool.gif Boot the computer and make sure the Bios has PXE boot enabled or Network boot enabled

    9) Boot the computer and keep pressing F12 for network boot and select capture image.

    10) Once captured and verified its on the server you can try and deploy the image to some other blank hard drive on the computer. I had a two desktops in my lab that I always tinkered with.

    The YouTube video is what I used to get the ball rolling. The previous IT guy was using Symantec Ghost to deploy the images but requires a boot disk for every PC. I reimaged 3000 computers in one summer at the school I worked at looked like a hero when I was done. I ended up taking a Sr. Desktop Support role for a $4B a year company and eventually scaled everything up to MDT/WDS/WSUS and eventually got myself promoted from that. WDS is by far the cheaper easiest way to go and I ended up having a staff of 15 people under me who just did imaging all day. Wasn't out of the realm to image 60 computers a day while we did our tech refresh. Great skill to learn and I had a lot of fun doing it.
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    We use Arconis, it's better than Ghost, faster creating and deploying images.
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