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Hello everyone.

So as of a week ago I completed my CCNA R&S! That was my second cert of 2017 with the other being the CWNA, this was mainly to appease my boss and for a little bit of self growth as well. After having passed I have been thinking on how to progress. A lot of my network engineer coworkers, I'm a network tech aspiring to be an engineer in the near future, have told me to go for my CCNP immediately and then begin work on my second CCNA (security). They say that since CCNA R&S is fresh in my mind that continuing and getting my CCNP R&S will be the smart move and end up making CCNA Security easier in the long run.

What is everyone's opinion on immediately pushing for a CCNP R&S after having just gotten a CCNA R&S and then going back for CCNA security after?

Any and all answers are welcomed and appreciated!


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    The only benefit of doing CCNA Security first is that once you pass any professional level exam, it will renew all your Professional and Associate level certs.

    Other than that, I think proceeding to CCNP R&S is a good idea. Dig deep and don't rush
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    I plan on full mastery. I logged around 150 hours doing labs and another 350 on video lectures / books for CCNA alone.

    Hoping that if I continue with the 3-4 hours of studying each day I will be able to completely master CCNP and better my understanding of everything in around 7-8 months.
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    Excellent! I think going for CCNP R&S next makes sense for you
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    for ccnp you need to take 3 exams route switch and troubleshoot. each exam will renew all lower certs for three years. security is pretty big so you might be able to get a job quicker with ccnp security.
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