CISM Training counts as Group A or Group B for CISSP CPEs?

ChristineEshelmanChristineEshelman Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi, all! I completed Cybrary's 'Computer Information Security Manager (CISM) Course' and logged 10 study hours (back this summer before I sat for my CISM). I initially listed it as Group B credits for my CISSP with ISC2. But now I am second guessing myself. Why wouldn't it count as 'Group A Multiple Domains' CPE hours... right?

*I may have thought differently and classified it this way prior to taking the test, at which point I realized that CISM was basically just a non-technical version of CISSP. My CISM exam felt like I was just re-taking the management portion of the CISSP all over again.



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