Network+ or CCENT

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Hi all 🤓
i have bachelor degree at Telecommunication and Networking engineer,i have experience with networking as i studied in college,i want to improve myself at that field but i don’t know 🤷🏻*♂️ which one i study first Net+ or CCENT
i don’t care about certifications, i just want to study and understand all topics that include for exams then one day maybe comeback to exam and get certifications
iam also NOC engineer at one of telecommunication company


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    Either do CCNA otherwise Network+

    CCNA >>> Net+
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    Go for Network+ is a neutral cert. You will learn networking in general not vendor specific.
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    if you want to know networking as a whole, Network+. If you want networking Cisco specific, CCNA.

    To be honest, people now want certifications for consideration for jobs. Just bite the bullet and get the cert as well!
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    Network+ for general knowledge.. CCENT and CCNA to actually touch and configure routers etc
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    Because you have a degree in networking already, do the CCENT and then CCNA path.

    I personally found the CCENT easy.

    The CCNA is way more popular.
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    CCENT and later CCNA will teach you a lot more than the Network+ IMO, I've also never once had anyone even ask me about my Network+ on my resume.

    If your degree was structured anything like my masters in telecom was then you should have already learned everything you'd learn studying for the Network+.
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    Take them both, net+ has knowledge in general, ccna has knowledge in routing & switching specially on cisco stuff. Good luck.
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    Why do people recommend N+? Name me some topics that are on N+ but not on ccent/ccna and are actually relevant?
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    Welly_59 wrote: »
    Why do people recommend N+? Name me some topics that are on N+ but not on ccent/ccna and are actually relevant?

    If I remember correctly, the Network+ covers wireless stuff, like WiFi and Bluetooth, which isn't on the CCNA R&S. I think Network+ digs a little deeper into cable types, tools, and connectors too. Slightly relevant but nothing too crazy to skip.

    While I'm glad I did the Network+ before the CCNA, at the time I didn't have any work experience in network infrastructure. I would have really struggled and needed the extra 6 months to absorb the basics of networking like how the Network+ presented things.

    Personally I think the OP should skip the Network+ and go right to CCNA . . . and promptly continue on to CCNP.
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    I'm working on my second CCNA, and my CCNP RS right now, but I've also been reading the Net+ book out of curiosity. It covers far more topics, but not in as much detail. It looks to me that with the Net+ and no other training, you will know how to physically setup the network doing cabling and racking equipment, and will know enough about the other topics to be able to look up how to do them. With the CCNA, they expect you to know how to configure and troubleshoot the routers and switches without having to look them up. Topics that I remember seeing in the Net+ that are not included in the CCNA are: SONET, DWDM, CWDM, GSM/CDMA, dialup, WIMAX, Metro-ethernet, SDN,VoIP and video, virtualization, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, use of port scanners, honeypots, physical security, 802.1x, IDS/IPS. I think that's a good enough list to want to do both.
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    Read a good Network+ book and watch Professor Messers video series. Then launch into the CCENT/CCNA. Skip the Network+ exam. Network+ exam cost the same as the as the ICND 1 and 2 exams. Save that money for the CCNA. If you have the CCNA, no one will even ask if you have a Network+.
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