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Switch(config-if)#ip address
Bad mask /24 for address

now when I

Switch(config-if)#ip address

it allows me to add that ip address to my vlan on a 2960 in packet tracer however if I

Switch(config-if)#ip address

it will accept that IP address. I find this weird because on the CBT Nuggets videos I am watching the instructor is always using the /24 CIDR value as the subnet rather than the /8 value.

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    Hello Boxerboy.

    There's probably others who can give you better answer then me. Off the top of my head it looks like your setting an ip address for an interface and the address your assigning it has no host bits present with the mask your using. An interface cannot have a network address only.

    I'm actually quite confused by what your doing. It's a layer 2 switch so why the layer 3 interface? Unless it's interface vlan1 or something for ssh connections ect. It would help if you gave some more context on what you've already done and what your trying to do now on your switches.

    On a side note I like packet tracer too, but sometimes it just doesn't cut it. Have you considered trying GNS3? The fact you can use wireshark in it really helped me troubleshoot configuration problems. There are ways to do switching in GNS3 too.
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    First usable IP is and last usable IP is as is your network ID and is broadcast ID. That is why the switch errs out.

    In the /8 configuration, that would be a very large subnet if you planned to use all those IP's at once. In this case your first usable IP would be and last usable IP would be That is why the switch accepts that ip as the gateway for that VLAN.

    Sorry correction, last usable IP the /24 would be 254 and not 253. I'm used to using 254 as my gateway address.
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