70-411 Best Study Aids

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I noticed there wasn't a sticky for the 70-411. What are the best study aids for the 70-411? Pluralsight or CBT Nuggets? Best books? I know a lot of it it what works for you personally but I would love some feed back.


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    Go with CBT Nuggets and the official Training Guide.
    Do plenty of labs to pass this. If you have a paid CBT subscription, they provide plenty of actual remote labs for the 411.
    Do the 7 day trial and see if its for you.

    If youre broke and have more time on your hand, make a lab in VMware or Virtual Box. Buy some RAM and spin up some DCs. Treat everything like a corporate environment. The study strategy should be the same as your 410 exam. Think of this exam as a part 2 to things like Active Directory, DNS, and Group Policy with some new stuff like RRAS/DFS/WSUS.

    I originally started on Pluralsight before the new cbt nuggets series came out. I was lucky to use it in my review stage and it was awesome. I noticed that cbt was less nitty gritty than Pluralsight though. Maybe thats why pluralsight was a little boring to me.

    for books, you need the official training guide. It absolutely sucks but is better than the rest out there.

    Check out my 'i passed' thread.
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    Thanks Inferno
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    Just passed the 70-410 exam today on first attempt after just 4 weeks of intensive study. Used CBT Nuggets, Pluralsite, installed evaluation copy of server and practiced in VMWare environment. Tackled lots of exam questions.

    Am diving into 411 straight away and will need as much advice as possible from you guys here. Don't want to fail it.
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