Slayed the Beast (216)

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Failed it twice... First time i took it, it was because of the free second shot andI knew I wasnt ready but the time was up for your first shot so I decided to sit the exam.. got like a 300... after I studied for it and took my second shot, I only scored something like a 560... So I took a few months off, studied some more, and decided to do the second shot thing again... I wasnt thinking I would pass it this time, but I wanted to sit it to get ready for it... After about 40 questions I was thinking, i really dont want to sit through this again... So i prayed and finished it up, reviewed, changed some answers, prayed again, hit submit and BAM... I scored about a 750... Wasnt the best, but at least now I can put this to rest and move on to my MS-DBA exams... WOOT!

Oh, it feels so GOOOOOOD to have this one out of the way.. I was stressin this exam for almost a year it seems...

So is it true? Was this the hardest one they offer? I've heard 214 is pretty tough too...


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    eastpeastp Member Posts: 179
    Well done and congrats on the pass.

    Don’t worry about "only" getting 750.
    If I can score 750 on this when I take it in a couple of days I’ll be very very happy :D

    Can you post a bit of review (with out breaking the NDA of course),

    Kind regards.
    Screwing up several things at once.
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