Renewals and labs

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I challenged GPEN a few years ago, added some CPE's, and decided to just go ahead and pay for the renewal, even though I'm two years from expiration. I knew it would come with the books, what I learned was that they removed the USB, but provided a download link for an .iso AND 4 months of access to VPN in to the labs online, including the CTF at the end.

I'm working on other things at the moment, but now I'm going to try and squeeze this in while I have the lab access. Since I challenged it before I'm not sure what to expect, but I figured I'd put it out there for those that didn't know. If you renew, you'll get access to not just the books, but the updated VM's, software, and labs. So if it's been a few years and you really want to go through the course again, make sure you have the time when you renew.
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