Security+ or CSA+?

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Hi All,

I am looking to get studying for a security exam as i wan't to start moving into Information Security, i passed the Network+ in September so i am hoping a lot of that stuff is fairly fresh, although looking back i don't remember as much as i would like to!

What are peoples opinions on the Security+ vs the CSA+? I am aware that the CSA+ is considered as a mid level and a step above the Security+, but as i haven't taken the Security+ yet i want to see what the general vibe is and what recommendations some of the much more experienced members have here.

Whilst i don't want to end up digging my own grave and studying for an exam that will be way to hard, i also don't want to waste time on the Security+ and then almost immediately schedule the CSA+ therefore effectively doubling my expenditure in the process of "time wasting".

So i suppose my question is this, should i take the Security+ and then the CSA+, or go straight to the CSA+ and skip the Security+?

If anyone has any recommendations on the above that would be great!


  • mikey88mikey88 CISSP, CySA+, Security+, Network+ and others Member Posts: 495 ■■■■■■□□□□
    It's best to research your local job market and see what employers are looking for. I would say Security+ is a good starting point, especially for DoD and government personnel.
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    Personally I would I do Security+ first and then deep dive into CSA+. I haven't really seen anyone specifically look for CSA+ in job postings where as Security+ is known all over the industry. I would in the end definitely go for both :)
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    my vote is security+ first. csa+ is very hands-on and requires knowing some real-life skills like log reading. i'd do ssecurity+ then download & play with tools that are the focus of csa+. that way you study for the test and also gain real-life, hands-on skills you can immediately provide to your new employer
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    Go to the job boards and put both in and see which one gives you more hits.

    Ok. Thread closed.
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    I agree with passing Security+ first. Then go for CSA+. I believe the point of CSA+ was to be a certificate after Security+ but before CASP. Security+ knowledge would help you be more prepared to take the CSA+. And like others pointed out, Security+ is required by employers more often than CSA+ (not sure if I've seen it listed on a job posting yet).
  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior Member Mod Posts: 6,927 Mod
    What the market requires is not necessarily the right move. Since you are moving into security, CSA+ may be biting too much. Unlesss you have a solid grasp and some expreience in security, I would stay within the realm of Security+.
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    Just going to be completely honest. Whoever wants to take it for what it is can. I am not trying to be negative in anyway, but here is my story. Sec+ I got from the military, because it was required to maintain my job in the military. I received A+ as well. This was many years ago. They both were a complete waste. Did nothing to attract jobs or recruiters. Now however, with that being said, I did learn a lot from both of the certifications. They were not extremely hard to get, but they provided a good base of knowledge, and allowed me to do my job, understand why, and function properly in the role. I would definitely do it all over again.

    Okay, now, speaking from experience. The certification that I took that really made a difference in getting looks for jobs was my MCSA:Server 2012 R2, and also my MCSE:Cloud Platform & Infrastructure. I took the following exams in this order, and in two years went from making 60k to 100k+ a year and moved up to a much bigger and better company, owned by one of the worlds biggest tech giants ;) 70-410,70-411,70-346(MCSA acquired), 70-347(another MCSA acquired),70-533(MCSE acquired),70-744. I am now taking my 70-743 to upgrade my MCSA to Server 2016. Next will be getting my CISA in a few months. Take care and good luck on your path.

    P.S It really depends what stage of your career you are in. If you are new to IT, Go with Sec+ for a good learning foundation. If you need a good paying job right away,stay away from CompTIA Certs, they have very little value if any. Go for CISSP,CISA, or CEH(ethical hacker), or SSCP even. Or if you don't want to go the security route, get a basic CCNA:Routing and Switching, and you can easily get a job. Also an MCSA in domain will get you looks. Good Luck
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    Problem with CompTIA certs, in my opinion(which is shared by many others) is that they seem to have very little market value. Especially for what they cost to get. Additionally there "Advanced" security certs are extremely new to the Industry. You would be much better off getting the SSCP or something. I would try to get a security certification from GIAC SANS, ISC2, ISACA, or non-security route get a Microsoft Cert. Not just pass one exam, but earn an actual MCSA, or MCSE. Like I said before, my CompTIA certs have done very little if nothing for me in terms of job looks.
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    CSA+ is a new certification....thus it's not very well known and I doubt listed in many job listings.

    I would take Security+ and see what kind of job you can get. Honestly the path you end up on will shape which certifications you go for so you want to be careful with planning too far ahead.
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