STP using RSTP terminology?

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So after reading through Wendell's book on STP, he says STP show commands, such as show spanning-tree vlan 10, will randomly output RSTP port roles, implying that RSTP 802.1w is being used, not STP 802.1d. According to attachment I included, two different switches from Wendell's book are both running Ieee (802.1d- STP)Per-vlan PVST. However, the bottom switch shows port roles that ONLY exist in 802.1w RSTP. As far as the Exam is concerned, Will shady, trick questions show up on the CCNA exam, where it shows you just the output of the bottom switch and asks what Version of STP is being used? myshowspan.jpg


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    Yes, But the questions will give you a show output and ask what mode of spanning tree is the switch in? You should familiarize yourself with the outputs of the commands.

    Switch#sho spanning-tree VLAN0001
    Spanning tree enabled protocol rstp
    Root ID Priority 32769
    Address 0001.640D.5A6A
    Cost 7
    Port 27(Port-channel 1)
    Hello Time 2 sec Max Age 20 sec Forward Delay 15 sec

    Bridge ID Priority 32769 (priority 32768 sys-id-ext 1)
    Address 0050.0F03.5CA0
    Hello Time 2 sec Max Age 20 sec Forward Delay 15 sec
    Aging Time 20

    Interface Role Sts Cost Prio.Nbr Type
    ---- ---

    Fa0/2 Desg FWD 19 128.2 P2p
    Fa0/3 Desg FWD 19 128.3 P2p
    Fa0/4 Desg FWD 19 128.4 P2p
    Po1 Root FWD 7 128.27 Shr
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