70-411 Help !

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Hallo every one,
i have found this forum few days ago, and i liked alot of threads which helped me to pass my exam 70-410 last week.
i was not so good but i have passed it any way.
so my next goal is the 70-411,
i have one month to prepare my self for the next exam .
and i hope if any one had a good sources where i can get the best learning stuff.
please if it would be a free online materials cuz i cant pay for online websites like CBT etc,
so if any one had an experience or had already found in the website a thread which mention a good materials please comment ! i couldnt find one .

thank you very much
Mohammad from Syria.


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    145 review and no answer !
    :/ thx
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    I passed this exam by using some paid materials like cbt nuggets, but you can go to youtube and look at 70-411 videos for free, if you can also download a PDF of some books as well like mcsa compete study guide r2 and Mastering Windows Server, idk if they are free but some people might share the books. Also look at technet articles for each section in the exam objectives,master the exam objectives.
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    thank you very much for ur replay
    i have the book now and another books also,
    i will check also youtube for more videos about the exam
    when i did my 70-410 exam and i passed it from the first time with score 700. it was so hard because i couldnt finish all the subjects in the book, almost 90% from them.
    it was so hard questions and even for example i had studied alot and watched alot of videos, it was like the first time i see these questions i dont know why.
    this is why i asked my question, because i have fear whatever i will study, the exam questions are from a different place. and i was wondering how can i go forward
    thank you alot man .
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    Trust me I know how you feel. You were lucky enough to pass it the first time. For me I had to try about 3 / 4 time to pass the exam. I know this time around for the 70-411 I'm studying a little more. Looking around for more material and stuff myself too. Good luck on your journey.
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    yes it is hard, also english is not my mother language so reading in english and doing exams its so hard too
    i thought i would fail so i couldnt click on finish button and i asked the teacher to do it, and when i saw the 700 i was happy to pass it and sad cause i thought i would do better,
    any way i dont know what to do , i have now 4 books for 70-411 , me exam in 20 days, and totally when i am reading the articles in internet they say always that 411 is so hard and 410 is nothing in front of it .
    we will see,
    hope for u also all the best also with ur Goals and thank u very much.
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    thank you very much , i have checked the first link it looks pretty good just need to know which lessons i exactly need it for the 70-411 , and the second one i started also with it already.
    thank you very much for your help :)
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    why only 1 month? do you plan on remembering this after passing?
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    i have sent you the reason, thanks
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