Cloud Certified Security Professional - CCSP - Suggestions pls

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I plan to take this exam in next few months, I have a good number of years of experience in Infosec but don't have certs like CISSP,CISM, CISA. I have sound knowledge on the content pertaining to these certs as I have been working on these on every day basis. Can I directly go for CCSP or would you recommend me taking some other exam/cert that will help me to achieve my CCSP?

The reason I want to do CCSP is to grab something challenging in cloud domain.

Suggestions pls.



  • SteveLavoieSteveLavoie Member Posts: 1,123 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I would suggest to do the CISSP first, it will clear the experience requiremetn for CCSP. Also, there is a lot of overlapping domain between both exam.
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    I would very much suggest doing the CISSP before the CCSP. As mentioned, the CISSP will clear all requirements for the CCSP, but the CCSP overall is mostly the adaptation of CISSP material to a cloud environment.
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    Depending on your background, I would consider doing the CISSP First. ISC2 completely waives all experience requirements of the CCSP _if_ you are already a CISSP. I took the test about a month ago and went this route.
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    CCSP after CISSP, CCSP can serve as a lot hours towards a years CISSP CEU for you as well.
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    Thanks heaps mates, will follow as you all suggest the same approach , CISSP--> CCSP.
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