Old Cisco Devices

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Old Cisco Devices
Hi Gents, Need Advice

The Company I Work For have Old Cisco Devices ( 1841 Routers And 2950 Catalyst switches), I Know These Devices Are obsolete But My Question Is Can I Setup A Lab For My Icnd1 And Icnd2 Exams. I asked permission To Setup A Lab And they Gave Me The Green Light

I Know Gns3 Dont Really Have the Full Switch functionalities Apart From A Real Switch, So Perhaps can I Use Gns3, Setup A Couple Router Images And Connect To My Real World Cisco 2950 Catalyst, Will That suffice?

(Please Dont Mind My Grammar, Hence English Not First language Or Native, Thanks)

Your Advice Will Be highly appreciated


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    Yes you can but some commands you may not be able to run but you will encounter these as you go along.
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    what you are able to do is more dependent on the feature set and version of the ios.

    such as for the 1841, ip base is good enough for ccna. But, you need advsecurity for ccna:security. And, advipservices to do ipv6. And, adventerprise can do everything. And, ios version 15 is better for the ccnp than 12.x newer is better.

    the same goes for the 2950's. It is best to get hardware that supports the "extended" version of the ios. they can do ssh and rstp and mstp. But, if you get the latest version of the ios, they all support those features. and for a 2950, the latest is still pretty old. and they are good enough for the ccna.

    you need a few serial wics for the 1841's and cross over cables for the 2950's as the don't do automdix.

    get 3 of each and get going.
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