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Hello! I recently had the fortune of being sent to the VMware Horizon 7 Install, Configure, Maintain (ICM) course by my employer at the last minute. Not wanting to let an opportunity go to waste, I'm going for the VCP7-DTM exam. However, I have no experience with VMware Horizon and the resources are a bit more sparse than for DCV or NV.

I understand the requirements are:

1) Take an official VMware Course (Done!)
2) Pass the vSphere 6.0 or 6.5 Foundation Exam
3) Pass the VMware Horizon 7 Exam

For the Foundation exam, I will use my 2 years of experience with vSphere plus I have the DCV official study guide. Should I also buy the Udemy courses for $24 (total)? I took the official pre-exam cold turkey and only scored a 60%.

For the Horizon exam, I took the official training course. However, the training was missing Mirage and some other small sections. Also, the course was very basic, so I can't imagine it's enough to pass the VCP7-DTM exam. What are some other resources for free or sell that can help? I do not plan to buy the CBT Nuggets as my work is hinting they might pay for it in a few months.

Thank you all for your help!
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