plz delete

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plz delete


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    Preferably re-IP. Worst case scenario NAT. No one ever wants to re-IP because it's work, but it's the right answer.
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    /8? Good grief. I've never had to reorganize anything that large but it sounds like Networker is right; redesign and start over.
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    It sounds like this might be a great place to use VRF-lite (Virtual Routing and Forwarding), where you can have separate VRF instances, each with its own (or other private IP ranges). That way they don't actually overlap. To allow them to communicate with each other, you have to set up static routes or leaks between VRFs.

    Here's a brief overview:

    I'm still pretty new to this concept, so I may not have the details right, but I think that's generally how VRFs work. I hope someone with more networking experience can offer corrections and/or wisdom regarding whether this might help in SpetsRepair's situation.
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