I must be insane... Going for 70-743

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The MCSA 2012 stuff is still relatively fresh in my mind, and I had a forced MS training class for 2016 because of SA vouchers that were expiring, so I figured, what the heck. I'll go for it!

I just recently completed 70-411, so for that part of 743, I'm good except for the new SDN stuff and the few things they added to DNS. So I'm focusing more on relearning AD FS/WAP and very heavily on the 740 content with a new lab that I built. I think I'll be sitting for this in the next week or so.
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    If you're comfortable with PowerShell you'll be fine. Get your head around Docker and Containers as well. There really isn't much difference between 2012 and 2016 with most things so at least you don't have to learn it all again. Good luck
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