Failed TSHOOT by 1-2%

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Hi, today i was very disappointed and upset inside that i failed the TSHOOT exam that i'll be honest expected to passed based off comments that it is much easier than the ROUTE and SWITCH exams, both of which i have passed.
I thought i did quite well on all the lab and the one sim question, all of which i got working except for 1 lab question that i could not for the life of me figure out why a certain ping was not working, i don't know how much detail i can go into but suffice to say i checked EVERYTHING i thought! access lists, routing tables, vlan access maps, NAT! Very bizarre and there where 2 multiple choice questions that where totally out of place that threw me off to, still i held out hope that i might sneak by given that i figured out the rest
I'm nervous i'll fail it again now and it feels like you have to almost not screw up on anything to pass this one, i heard it was the easiest of the 3 but not from my experience! Seems like SWITCH has been the easiest for me so far.


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    You can try drawing out the scenario from what you remember and then work it in a home lab to see what you can break to replicate what you saw. Another option is the Boson Pre-Test. As far as the non-Ticket questions; you should research those and find the answers in Cisco docs. Those are easy points on your 2nd attempt, if you get lucky and get the same questions again.

    I was going to take TSHOOT today after passing ROUTE last week, but held off after I wasn't as strong on the Boson Pre-Test as I would have liked. I just finished the 2nd of the 3 Pre-Tests with only one ticket miss so I will go try the real thing Monday or Tuesday.

    If I were in your shoes, I would hit the Boson Pre-Tests and read all of their explanations, research the real questions that threw me for a loop, and then take my 2nd attempt within the next 2 weeks.

    Good Luck, Based on that close of a miss, you're basically 99% there.
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    The only problem is that if i didn't know what the correct answer was for the one i couldn't figure out (not even realising now) then will i go through the same thing again! That's the worry
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    That is brutal! I failed switch by that % a little while ago. Hope you can tackle this again soon.
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    Feel awful for you. I failed TVOICE by about 5 % or so when I took it in 2015 so very close to a pass; I was very annoyed but nothing I could have done about it.

    If you haven't already, I'd suggest you try the Boson ExSim for TSHOOT - might help out a little bit.

    Also, you may already have watched these but posting anyway:


    They're from the previous TSHOOT exam but I don't think things have changed too much for this iteration.

    Good luck. Hope you nail it next time around!
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    i would recommend there are lessons for everything from ccent through ccie..
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