Two weeks till Exam

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I have only 2 weeks till Exam. Looking to discuss it with people that have either took it or studying for it. Even looking for some chatrooms to discuss it in besides Professor Messer. Im feeling ok on most of the topics, just a still bit confused on some of the authentication and security stuff. AES, Chap, EAP, IPSec, etc. When and how to best use them. It kinda gets all jumbled in my head. I also have problems putting certain things where they belong in the OSI model. Especially when I understand it one way and another source says it belongs to another layer. For example, I thought SSL would belong at the Presentation layer, according to Professor Messer, but a practice test from Network+ Cert Guide put it at Transport.
Been studying for approximately 3 months. I've been using Network+ Cert Guide book, different video sources: Professor Messer, CBT Nuggets, and IT Pro TV. Practice Tests from Network Cert Guide, Crucial Exam, Exam Compass, and Darril Gibson's app. I've taken one transcender test, scored in the mid 70s, will take the other two this week. Heard they were a decent way to base your overall knowledge and didn't want to waste them.
Any additional information anyone could provide would be most appreciated. I'm trying to fill in any holes and make sure all the information I studied flows fluently. Pretty much, having an understanding of how everything works and flows together. I've heard it's a pretty difficult exam. Wish me Luck! :)


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    I have mine scheduled for 2/6. I've been using Mike Meyers Network+ book, Professor Messer, and Cert Master. SSL doesn't really fit in one layer in the OSI model. I am just hoping I don't see a question of where it fits in the OSI model as I am not sure what the "best" answer would be. Mike Meyer's book has SSL/TLS in layers 5, Session and 6, Presentation.
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