Passed eJPT!

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I passed it last night at 2:30 AM. This was actually my second attempt. The first one didn't go so well. After the first attempt, I tried to brush up on the topics that gave me trouble. I started again on Saturday and worked at it for about 12 hours. Got up Sunday and worked for about eight hours. At that point, I had answered about half of the questions. I had to work yesterday, so during the day, I just thought about what I needed to do to finish. I started back at about 6 PM last night and found more answers. Somehow midnight rolled around way too quickly. I still had work to do. At around 2:30 AM, I had a couple more to go, but I just couldn't figure them out, so I guessed on those. Today, I'm a zombie. However, I'm also elated that I finally finished this thing.

eLearnSecurity says that if you can do the labs, you can pass the test. However, you have to do more than just run the labs. You'll see similar scenarios in the test, but they won't be exactly like the labs. You have to be able to apply the principles of what you learned to the test. You should also really pay attention to the information in the slides.

A few items gave me trouble, so I had to research them more on YouTube and other places. I found a tutorial on Armitage, which was not part of the training. I used it to get a couple of answers.

I scored a 75, which is passing. Wish it could've been higher, but it is a pass. I know exactly which questions I missed (guessed answers), so those will be the first things I study.

I can definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn rudimentary penetration testing. I also recommend that you know something about networking as well as how to use the command line.


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    Congrats man! It's a fun exam with some good content to learn
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    Thanks! It was fun, and I learned a lot. But it was also one of my most challenging challenges ever. Now to clean the neglected house and then keep on learning (after I catch up on my sleep)!
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    Excellent job and well done, passing eJPT means you definitely learned a lot. The knowledge I gained from eJPT stayed with me and I applied it so many times. You can now build up more knowledge on this base

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    Congrats!!! What's next on your agenda?
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    Intro to Discrete Math
    Programming Languages
    Work stuff
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Thanks, everybody! What's next? Do some work on the house including the garage and the backyard fence, finish this guitar-building project I started several months ago, do my taxes, etc. As for learning, I have a number of Udemy courses in the queue that I'm going to use to enhance what I learned with eJPT including spending time getting better acquainted with as many of the Kali Linux tools as I can along the way. Maybe get back into shell scripting. I think that this is a good plan for me rather than jump right into another certification program. After I build up my skills and do tons of labbing on my own, I'll look into eCPPT. I also need to earn CISSP, but I'm going to wait until after they revise it.

    I worked through the eJPT labs a few times each, but I never really saw the big picture until I took the test. Then it all started to come together. It really helped having a specific goal like the 20 questions that you have to answer. I know it's not like that in the real world. By the way, you don't have to wait until after the penetration test to answer the questions. I answered them as I went. That saved me from having to dig through the pages of notes I made along the way. It was great being able to check things off my list as I discovered them.
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