EIGRP Router-ID on Packet Tracer issue

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Good evening all, I'm brand new here. Have my ICND2 exam tomorrow and was just going over my EIGRP commands.
I'm using Packet Tracer, will wire up my physical kit shortly if needed but for need of cramming time just wondered if someone could help me out.
I've linked up 4 2600 routers with no Loppback interfaces. When I've setup EIGRP the router ID is showing as the lowest IP from each router. For example out of and it has chosen
I have restarted a router and it makes no difference. Just wondered if this is a Packet Tracer quirk or a gap in my knowledge?

Thanks in advance!

I know for the exam it is highest loopback and then highest IP if no Loopbacks available. Just curious on this really.


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