Should you pursue this if you are lacking experience?

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I enjoyed studying for my CCNP last year but I feel like I need more real world experience. I dont think I'm going to be able to get that experience in my current role. In the mean time I want to learn more...and this is the next step for me. Should I slow it down, eventually find another role doing some of the things that I learned, or go ahead and start studying for CCIE?


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    I say Keep going after it.

    This stuff doesn't have to happen linearly. You can continue to gain more knowledge in routing and switching protocols while working your current role and looking for a better mid-level position. This way you will be better prepared for the tech questions in the interview for your next role. In addition, your CCIE studies will create a side discussion about your home lab, eve-ng, GNS3, CSRs running on ESXi, etc during the interview.This will impress the interviewers and allow you to control the interview process a little more instead of letting it turn into an oral version of a technical exam. After you find the next position with a company willing to cover the cost of the written and the lab, you are already within a year of being ready to attempt it.
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    It's not necessary, but it might take you longer to complete the CCIE if you're not working with the technology during the day, as well. Your exposure would be limited to whatever personal study/lab time you get.
    Also, if you have a CCNP then you might as well cash in on your hard work to get this far.
    But if your current gig is slower paced, that might make it easier to study.
  • NutsyNutsy Member Posts: 136
    Got for it. Learning more never sets you back, and the cert will help your career.
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    If you have the time now to batter into the CCIE go for it. Jobs will come up along the journey- if you take them it will mean less time to study but more "real-world" experience. If no jobs come along you will have loads of study time, which is also good. Take the plunge, because being motivated is half the battle. Good Luck!
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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'm going to go ahead. I wanted to hear from some of the CCIEs on the board.
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