Boot Camps?

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Hi guys,

I'm new to tech, and currently studying for A+ - my first cert.

I keep seeing ads for boot camps, for all kinds of certifications, and wondered if these are for real?

Example - the systems engineer at work took 18 months to get through her MCSE. But I see boot camps that claim you can get it in 2 or 3 weeks.
Sounds a bit suspect to me, but I also heard of one person who did pass the MCSE after a 19 day camp.

Still, it seems like a helluva lot to absorb in that time - and even if you could, how much info would you retain?


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    If you are very new to this, avoid the Boot Camps, come to think of it, avoid them at all costs. They shove the information at you at such a high rate, and if you do not have a solid background going into it, you will get lost on Day 1 and they won't slow down to help you.

    Their goal is to cram everything they feel you need to pass the exam in a 5-day program and you take the exam on the last day. You will learn very little, if anything, but may be able to regurgitate the info for the exam so you pass. In reality, what do you have? A "paper-certificate" meaning you passed the exam, but if you were put in front of a server and had to do something, you wouldn't know what to do. Even Microsoft recommends that you have been working with Server 2003 for 1 year before taking the Cert exams.

    My advice (and opinion of course) is to take your time and do it right. Study and learn why things do what they do and how they do them and you will be much better off. I spent 14 months in a Technical School (That finished last January) and I am still only through 2 of the exams to date with more exams coming up int he next 2-3 months. We use Novell at work, so I don't get to see Server 2003 in action, but I have a server at home and Virtual PC, so I get to try out the examples and scenarios which helps.

    Good luck in your studies, but do it the right way, not the quick way.
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