Information Technology related degrees? I am confused....

Anyone have a good rescource that explains all the different computer degrees out there (looking for undergrad), for example, computer science, information technology, management information systems, etc...

and what does BSBE stand for in this context

Information Technologies - BSBE

Bachelor of Science Beats Eggs??
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    Close. It most likely, in this case, refers to Bachelor of Science Business Education. Basically, you are tying in a Business degree with it and lumping them together.

    A lot of them are common, AA (Associate of Arts), AS (Associate of Science), BS (you know this one), MS (Master of Science), AAS (Associate of Applied Science), etc...

    The best thing to do is just pick a major university (for my area, we have Pitt, Penn State, and Carnegie Mellon University) and just go to their sites and check out degree offerings. Most will explain the degree (with the full title written out) and even what type of career they are geared for in some cases.

    Typically, you will have either an AS or BS, but some get fancy in that a Bachelor of Science in Infromation Technology is just known as a BSIT.

    So, I would just suggest checking out Universities and Colleges in your area and start there. Also, don't bother with "Online Degrees" as most are not accredited and will not allow you to improve on them...if you aren't familiar with that phrase, just know that any credits you take through a program that is not accredited will not be acknowledged by any other university. So, if you get an Associates Degree Online and it is not accredited, when you try to transfer to a Bachelors program, it won't happen and you will have to start all over again... icon_sad.gif
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