VMware Workstation 10.0.7 Trunk Port

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Working on my CCNA Wireless and ran into a snag while running vWLC on VM Workstation. I have everything up and running and the LWAPs connect to the controller and you can configure everything with out a hitch. I have been working through the labs and configured a new virtual interface and associated a new WLAN to it. I have DHCP setup on my 3560 switch for all 3 vlans but when you connect to my new WLAN "vlan 10" I get the APIPA address of 169.154.x.x. I know the issue is that the network card isn't allowing all the VLANs through like it should. The switchport that my computer is connected to is a Trunk port. Is there any trick to allow all VLANs on VM Workstation vs ESXI. I'm at the point I may have to grab an old desktop and spin up ESXI to run the WLC unless I find how I can enable trunking on the laptop nic and/or VMWorkstation. Any ideas?
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