70-410 tomorrow! any advice welcomed

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Hi all,

I'm sitting the 70-410 tomorrow for the 1st time! slightly nervous for this one, i have sat quite a few exams recently but i'm certain this will be my biggest challenge.

Study materials;

CBTnuggets 70-410 course
Pluralsight 70-410 course (half complete... preferred CBT)
Powershell in a month of lunches
70-410 book Craig zacker

Quite nervous for this one even though i have put a lot of time in! Im pretty sure i have covered all of the content but im sure Microsoft will surprise me. Any tips or advice for passing? Thanks in advance!:D


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    i have passed the 70-410 at 11/1/2018-
    i think if u studied all of these then it would easy to pass the exam,
    i had only the last book u mentioned , 70-410 Training Guide + Exam-Ref, i watched also alot of youtube, and alot of labs i have done.
    and i passed from the first time.
    just read all the questions carefully and take ur time to answer, dont be hurry ,
    i had some questions i have seen it from the first time in the exam, but dont worry also because i was weak in 2 objects from the exam and i passed it and i think u will easily go throw it with what u said
    all the best .
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    Passed with 774/1000. Make sure you know your powershell. Powershell in a month of lunches is a very useful resource!
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