Passed 70-293

Passed today. The test was tough. I though I would fail, but very relieved to pass. IMO this test was harder than 70-291. It had 5 sims, but the questions pushed the theory/subject matter into real world examples. Really had to nut it out. This would be a tough exam to pass with out real world experience. Glad its out off the way. Three to go for MSCE crash.gif
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  • eastpeastp Member Posts: 179
    Congrats on the pass!!!.

    Up to the next :)

    Kind regards.
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  • geekiegeekie Member Posts: 391
    Congrats SWM!!

    Would you say it was harder because of the SIMS icon_confused.gif: Any tips... icon_eek.gif
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  • SWMSWM Member Posts: 287
    Hi Webleech

    The sims aren't hard, they are logical. The other questions are just very Microsofty!!! Misleading in what they ask for. Study hard on your security section i.e templates, group policy etc. usefull to have 70-291 in the back of your mind as 70-293 still had DNS questions similar to 70-291. Good luck :)
    Isn't Bill such a Great Guy!!!!
  • jkstechjkstech Member Posts: 330
    well good job, thanks for the info
    get back to studying!!!
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    CONGRATZ dude........
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    Congrats on a job well done!
  • Spot1963Spot1963 Member Posts: 23 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Congrats on your pass.

    I have the instructor lead class for the 70-293 next week.
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