Massive problems downloading software from Cisco today..

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I have a CCO account that is associated with a current contract, and having massive problems trying to download my purchased VIRL software, as well as trying to download the ISE 2.3 100 endpoint eval.

Is anyone else having problems getting downloads to initiate from Cisco?

For some wierd reason, I am able to intiate download of ISE 1.4 still, but not more current software.

I am trying to determine if it is an issue with my PC or not. Whenever I initiate one of these non-working image downloads, my browser (both Chrom and IE, both keep showing in the taskbar "Waiting for download-ssc.cisco.com". I keep getting errors when refreshing the software download portal that says software download was interrupted. I even installed the Cisco Download Manager to try to download the ISE 2.3 ova, and it is stuck on "In Progress", but at 0%.

Anyone know if Cisco is having any problems?

***Update*** I actually got both the ISE 2.3 and VIRL images to intiate download in my browser (indicating that I have passed the entitlement check via my CCO ID), but they are stuck at 0% downloading in the download tracker in my browser.


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