Creating a "one-size-fits-all" image

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Hello folks,

Does anyone have experience on building a Windows 10 image that could be used across all platforms?

Currently, my method is using VMWare Workstation to build the image in audit mode, by installing the necessary apps, unattended installation files, and editing the administrative templates. My results so far, have been mixed.

For Dell Latitude 3379s, I get BSODs after the installation for "memory_management" or "page_fault". Not ideal for users to go through when booting up their laptops...

For Dell XPS, I get pretty decent results. None of that, but I get prompted for the Dell SmartAssist that states there is no hard drive, but it boots right after into the OS.

I currently use this guide, but I am open to some suggestions...

Create a Custom ISO for Windows 10 - Part 5 of 6 - Windows Enterprise Desktop
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