210-255 Cyber Ops - Implementing

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Hey everyone,

I finished up the cohort a week or two ago and have been working on taking the second test. I purchased the book and it comes with a test bank that you can study from, does anyone know if this will suffice? I've been reading the extra documents that aren't in the book.

I made a study guide from everything on the cisco exam description but it seems like so much more to study than the fundamentals class, these added documents added so much extra content.

I just need a little guidance if anyone knows anything - I don't know anyone else studying this! icon_redface.gif

Thank you!


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    I was in the 3rd cohort and I passed the first time, but the book and the Cisco videos/notes weren't enough to pass.

    I included in my own studies the Nist 800-61 and Nist 800-86 documents and ITProTV videos. I also spent time practicing regular expressions. The notes our mentors sent out were helpful as far as what to study. I'm not sure if you have notes from them or if you did the mentor sessions. I thought the sessions were helpful. When I was studying for the exam, ITProTV didn't have the class all the way completed so I don't think ITProTV was a make-or-break deal.

    You might try a search on the TE website because I remember there were more tips that were posted when I was studying for the exam. Good luck!
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    overtheborderovertheborder Member Posts: 15 ■□□□□□□□□□
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