IOS Command sturctures and their differences for studying.

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Between self study reading, (3 different books) and Packet tracer labs, I'm beginning to question whether or not I'm going to be able to keep all this information straight. Spent a good 2 weeks studying 9 hours EVERYDAY and finished up with OSPF. Now that I'm well into the concepts of EIGRP, I'm starting to realize inconsistencies between the command structure of one protocol vs another.

router(config-router)# router-id value OSFP
router(config-router)# eigrp router-id value EIGRP
Why different list conventions?
router#show ip ospf neighbors lists neighbors based on their RID
router#show ip eigrp neighbors lists neighbors based on their interface IP

These are 2 of many bizarre inconsistencies that make memorization difficult. From what I've heard, Cisco designs their tests around the idea of making you fail. I know it's hard. I know. But knowing my luck, I'll get a question like -

What protocol and 2 commands must not be configured to view a neighbor by their interface ip address. Choose 3 answers.
a.) OSPF
b.) router(config-router)# eigrp router-id
d.) router#show ip eigrp neighbors
e.) router(config-router)# ospf router-id
f.) router#show ip ospf neighbors
g.) router(config)# ospf router-id
h.) router(config-router)# router-id

Cisco has a habit of using the word NOT in their questions in such a way that it adds a layer of confusion, making the question less straightforward.


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    I noticed some inconsistency myself. You can configure a port with "Int gi1/1", but is you want to reset the port interface counters, you have to spell out gigabitethernet. Why?
    Still searching for the corner in a round room.
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