CISSP - Same instructor but using a different name

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What kind of **** is this....I came across this training on Udemy, saw the reviews were good, so i decided to preview it. As soon as I started it, I realized, waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit a minute, this is the same course from Safari, same voice, same content. On Safari, the instructor says his name is David Miller, but on Udemy, his name is Robert Morris





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    there have been cases on udemy of people stealing other peoples work and posting it under their own name.
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    David Miller is his name. He worked with Shon Harris on her video series in the 2000s. She would do one domain and he would do another back when it was 10 domains.
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    Now you know why their prices are so low... Udemy doesn't take piracy seriously and this sort of thing has been going on for years.

    Plenty of training vendors out there with a better reputation.
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    Crazy, never knew this was a problem. I noticed another one of their courses is Sari Greene's. They edited the name to be "Alice".

    I reported it to Safari
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    On Udemy it says iTech Academy, Inc. Maybe they edited it. Whenever an instructor hides behind a company name like this it is a huge do-not-buy red flag in my view, but other than that I don't see any kind of fraud/misrepresentation.
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    The fraud is that it's David Miller's course. If you listen to the two courses, the instructors name is clearly edited to say something else.

    Safari responded to me today, this is being forwarded to their legal team.

    After reading the link that iBroke posted, I'll probably stay away from Udemy, unless it's an instructor I know.
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    Oh wow. Guess I should have listened longer and read iBrokeIT's link.

    So iTech Academy are the thieves and Udemy is the sleazy pawn shop. That's messed up. I'll be sure to spread the word.
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    If you have an email address for the original author, perhaps you can shoot him an email, giving him a heads up someone is plagiarizing his work.
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