I passed CISSP TODAY 2/9/18

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I passed CISSP exam today. Started my study around one year back and did CEH,CPISI, CISM,Security+ along the way.

Study materials:
Sybex book and practice exams, official CISSP book, listen to shan harris initially, subscribed to cccure, various online practice exams.
I felt Shan harris's content was a bit close to the understand the topics. Studied for almost 4 hrs per day. and mainly focused on understanding the content of the subject.

Exam day:
Studied sunflower notes and few brain maps to brush up the content, thinking they will help during the exam.

Exam experience:
None of the technical content appeared in the exam. Most of the questions needed answers based on in-depth understanding and experience. Some how felt reading book cover to cover doesn't help and full understating of each module is required.


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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
    Three year plan: (2018) CISSP [X] and eJPT [ ]; (2019) eCPPT [ ]; (2020) OSCP [ ]
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    Congrats on the pass....how many questions did you have on your exam?
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    I got 150 questions.
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    Congrats!! Great job!
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    Congratulations! Wow, did you get 5 certs in 1 year? I thought I was doing good getting 3.

    How long did it take you to complete the actual exam? I'm studying for it now and just wondered what to expect with the recent changes to the format. I know they used to allow 6 hours to complete it but I think that's changed and may be shorter now.
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    Thanks Geekychick , i completed 7 certs so far since 10 months. it was needed for my profession. and another big 6 certs are on my radar for next 4 months.
    new CAT format is 100-150 Q exam with max 3 hr duration.

    i took almost 2.5 hrs to complete 150 questions. spent lot of time on first 100 Q thinking to clear early, but some how dragged till 150 Q not sure what went wrong.

    up coming changes seems to focus more on cloud, it was visible in my exam. seems they were non scoring questions.

    Good luck .
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