MTA Networking Fundamentals & CompTIA Network+ MOCK EXAMS v Course Content

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Hi all,I have a situation with my studying and I'm trying to understand where I'm falling short. I took the MTA Network Fundamentals (366) Course from a 3rd party company. I watched the videos, made notes and studied pretty hard I thought. I took the mocks and there were questions regarding subjects I hadnt even heard of - for example RADIUS. I checked the course and couldn't find it.I asked the company and they obfuscated a bit and then gave me for free the CompTIA Network+ course to help with anything I was missing. It seemed strange but I went with it as it's much bigger and more comprehensive. I've worked very hard on that and have been revising hard, over and over.Got new mocks for both subjects and the same problem is occurring. My experience of exams is that when you get a question, you firstly know if you understand it and any possible answers. So not remembering the port number for RDP is one thing, not knowing what RDP is is something else entirely. (this is just an example - RDP is covered)My question is, what has everyone else found with these? Are you expected to do a lot of extra research and study that's not covered in the courses, but how would you know?Or, has my studying just been poor and I need to do better!I'd really appreciate any thoughts / experiences on this...Many thanksRob


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    Every exam from every vendor I've ever taken has been this way. None cover the material 100%. Sometimes this is because an exam includes unscored, experimental questions (CompTIA does this) and sometimes it's just because the vendor isn't as organized as they should be on their end when they developed the training material and wrote the exam bank (Linux Foundations).
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    Thanks Yoba, I really appreciate your response. I don't think they're the best company, several of the test answers I got wrong were actually correct and I had to flag this up with them. Are there any good study companies you (or anyone else) could recommend? Although from what you say it seems this is how it is? Cheers
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