Certifications for Career Advancement

Hey all! Took a few years off from the site and certification testing to get a degree and focus on work. I am now at a point where I do not believe I can advance at my current role and am looking to better myself for my next opportunity. I currently work as a desktop support technician but would like to move elsewhere in the IT world.

I believe I want to focus on server support or security. Does anyone have suggestions for a starting point that might get my foot in the door with little experience in those fields? I am basically looking for an equivalent for the A+ that sends a message that I am serious about the field, even if I do not have expert level knowledge or experience.

This is fairly vague, so please let me know if I can provide more details.

Thanks in advance.


  • yoba222yoba222 Senior Member Member Posts: 1,237 ■■■■■■■■□□
    If I were you I'd apply for every Jr. systems administrator posting in your commute range for the next couple of months.
    A+, Network+, CCNA, LFCS,
    Security+, eJPT, CySA+, PenTest+,
    Cisco CyberOps, GCIH, VHL,
    In progress: OSCP
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