AWS - Solution Architect Associate - Pass today

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Passed today with 64% -- thought I'd have done better based on the amount of time I put in (2 months with no previous AWS knowledge). I used the following resources - AWS Certification Catalog (Janendra's Blog) **very good resource, Udemy BackSpace Academy SAA course (it was $10) ** used this as the overall introduction to AWS, qwiklabs.com (do the free ones and pay for some of the more advanced ones -- did the free ones many times), AWS Official Study Guide book (Sybex) **also used this for the overall introduction and thought the book was worth the money. Once I felt I had a good understanding of AWS I poured over all the AWS documentation, faqs, install guides etc. My way of studying is to cut n paste material into a flashcard generator then I run through the flashcards. I had hundreds of flashcards that I ultimately created (both for initial basic knowledge and advanced knowledge).

None of the question resources I used were particularly helpful except to identify the subject matter I was having trouble with. The only advice I can offer is try not to only learn the AWS services in isolation but how you would interconnect the services and actually create a system. Understand how they work together and the pro's and con's. Services can interconnect in variety of costs, fault tolerance, speed etc. Ask yourself the pro's and con's for how you are putting a system together.

My gotcha on the test was... I'd never heard or read of an API Gateway and thought it was a trick question. I never saw it in any of the material I was reviewing.

Good Luck.


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