Security+ 401 exam changes over the years?

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New poster here. I've been a sys admin for 20+ years, but working for small companies that don't require certification, I'm a little behind on that front (e.g., my last exams were NetWare). I'm now working to pass Security+ 401 before the exam expires.

These forums have been very helpful; thanks to all who contribute. I'm a little confused about how the 401 exam has evolved since it was first issued. Speaking very generally, it seems as though early posters found it easy, while posters from the past year say it's very difficult. I know CompTIA throws in betas so they can modify the exam.

So has the exam really gotten more difficult over the past few years? I ask because I want to figure out a cutoff point for supplementary materials. No use in reading posts/blogs from 2014 if they no longer apply.

My materials are all Gibson, both book and his extras, and I plan to check out Prof. Messer's videos, too.


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    Every 3 years you need to retake or pay a fee.

    Good luck on the exam! :D
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    As long as the information you are looking at is for the version of the exam you are going to take (ie SY0-401), its valid. Tested information only changes from generation to generation of the exam SY0-401 vs SY0-501. What does change, however, is how the questions are worded. Typically this is to curtail braindumping, though IMO it actually promotes it. Gibson's book and Messer's videos are good resources, so are the quizzes on this website as well as the ones on ExamCompass. Keep in mind that the "practice questions" you get are much more simply worded than many of the questions on the actual exam. An example:

    Practice Question:
    What port is SSH?

    Actual Question:
    A network administrator uses a remote console to manage devices on the network. Management wants to secure this process, what port should the network administrator open on the firewall to allow this?

    Its the same question, just the practice question is to the point and the real question is all Ayn Rand.
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    Great--very helpful. Thanks to you both.
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