Passed CISM Exam Today

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I Passed my CISM exam today. I studied for 3 months for the exam but I prepared for CISSP before and failed twice with 670 and 657 score so I thought of Pursue CISM and continue the CISSP, it's not I don't know the subject it's about sitting in the exam for 6 hours and 250 questions which was making me nervious and lossing my patience after 2hrs and we have to study the questions and answers throughly CISSP is not about knowledge test, it's more about english and studying the sentence well.

I thought to give a break and try CISM, studied 3 months and attended megaminds 2 days preparation course.

I prepared only ISACA QAE database, it's more than enough to understand the concepts, once you understand the concepts, you can pass the exam.

I'm waiting for final email confirmation for scope and endorsement process.

If anyone needs any help to prepare for the course, certainly I can help. I'm also planning to start training for CISM soon.

Good luck


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    Awesome news! I sit mine Feb 24, so hopefully I can pass as well. Megamind is the way to go - they do a great job explaining how the questions are put together.
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    Definately, it helps but I suggest candidate to prepare well before signing up for Megaminds class as two days fast track is concentrated more on Q & A and how to appear in the exam and what the candidates has to look for.....

    Good luck for your exam and let me know how it goes
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