eCPPT - How Much Coding Knowledge Is Required?

Hello Everyone,

I plan to start studying for the eCPPT on March 1. The only thing that is making me worried is that I have not done any coding since college which was over 10 years ago, Java, C++ and VB. However, I have made/modified many command line and powershell scripts over the years. The pre-requisites states:

- Reading and understanding C, ASM, Python, PHP code will help although not mandatory.
- No development skills required.

How much coding do I really need to know for the eCPPT material and exam? I am a really slow learner when it comes to coding so I would rather focus few weeks on just coding if necessary before jumping in on the material. I did do the eJPT and flew through it quite effortlessly, not sure if eCPPT is setup in a similar way?

Love to hear input from those that have the cert or took the course please.



  • airzeroairzero Member Posts: 126
    It most useful for the buffer overflow section. You really don't need to be a coder to do it. The scripting will definitley help yoy but this course is definitley entry level and rather basic once you get things.
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