Difference between Udemy packet tracer and cisco's packet tracers?

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I've been thinking about purchasing https://www.udemy.com/cisco-ccna-packet-tracer-ultimate-labs-ccna-exam-prep-labs/ and was wondering how they compare to the packet tracer files that came with the older Cisco Networking Academy packet tracer files. Personally I would love to get real hardware but money is tight.

Since I'm doing the whole self teaching thing, I was thinking if I did buy equipment, buying something that I could incorporate into my existing Verizon fios home network would allow me manage an learn at the same time. Having said that, I would gigabit ethernet which would cost a lot more.... I guess I could get away with 1 router and 1 switch with gigabit ethernet and the other 2 routers and 2 switches could have fast Ethernet and serial.... I don't know.

Any suggestions?


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    After looking at the courses curriculum, they are referring to Cisco's Packet Tracer. Their preview for "Download and Install Packet Tracer" actually instructs you to go to the Cisco website to download it.

    For $11, seems like you get quite a few labs, and some commentary to go with it. I use both PT and a home lab. PT is great for the pre-configured labs that I use to test my troubleshooting and configuring. I have hundreds of labs from my previous Cisco Academy courses that keep me busy.

    But, my physical lab is my favorite. I have 3 old 2610XM's (they manage lol), two 2960's, and two 3560's on a small rack. I built it over a few months by keeping an eye on craigslist for deals. I'm all in for less than 200 (including cables, wic2t cards, mounts, etc). I don't have IOS 15 yet, but they still allow me to do a lot for CCNA level stuff, and I still keep an eye on craigslist for deals. If you got your hands on just one router and switch, it helps a lot in combination with PT. I would recommend that to anyone.
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    I would only suggest getting a real network rack when you study for the CCNP.
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    udemy has been an awesome tool in my current studies. packet tracer has been awesome as well. to pass the ccna which i have done a couple times, you dont need real equipment. Packet tracer or gns3 will do you just fine. I bought myself a router, a server, and a switch but didnt really need to use it for the exam. Get a good book and more important good practice exams and you will be fine. Know how to breeze though subnetting computations and spanning tree questions.
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