CISSP passed 2/15/18

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Just passed CISSP today. Postings here helped me a lot, provide mine and hope it will be helpful for some also.

Self-study only. Books used: Shon Harris AIO v7 and Sybex Official Study Guide v7.

Round 1:
Started with AIO v7 cover to cover. Did chapter end quiz only after reading. For those domains I did not get a good score on quiz, I read corresponding chapters in Sybex book one more time. Make notes when I study.

Round 2: Only review notes made in the 1st round.

Round 3: did online Sybex questions.

Time frame: 8 months. Only able to do it in slow pace, 1 to 2 hours a day, put more hours in last 2 weeks.

Personal opinion: Real exam questions are more difficult than Sybex questions. Read questions and all 4 answers very very carefully, think hard which one is the best answer, not just the right answer. During the exam, don't get discouraged if you are struggle in the first half. If you are struggle in the first half and feel questions get easier in the 2nd half, you most likely are doing good. That was what'd happened to me. I felt bad in the beginning but was surprised my exam stopped at 100. I do not know which book is better for passing the exam since I only read couple chapters of Sybex book. I think the format of Sybex book is better for the exam preparation. If I have to do it all over again, I will read Sybex book first, then use AIO for in-depth study for domains that I am not good at.

IMHO, read and understand contents in the book is way more important than doing practice questions. During the exam, the accuracy is way more important than the speed, take your time read and think. No rush :)


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