Folks Studying for the CCSP?

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I have decided that I am going to start studying for the CCSP. I did the CISSP back in 2010 and figured that it would probably be my only (ISC)2 certification. However, the landscape has changed and I am doing so much cloud work that I want to reinvigorate myself and solidify my position relative to the cloud and security. So, I am starting down this road.

When I did the CISSP, it was a requirement for a contract that I was working and it was fully funded by my employer at the time (training and exam fees); in addition, everyone on the contract was required to get it so we had a decent community of peers to get us through.

This effort is starting solo for me. I don't have a requirement from my employer. I don't have any metrics that are going to be clearly leveled up by getting this. I could ask my employer for some funding for training, but I will probably get denied because they are mostly into internal training and I am going to be involved in 2-3 different things this year, already.

I haven't even begun to investigate options other than just spot checking Training Camp, as that is who I used for my CISSP.

I don't necessarily think that I need a course, but it is nice to be able to take some time away and just focus. I am finding that my ability to just cram things in is diminished as I get older (I have been in this game for almost 20 years now).

Anyhow, I am just checking to see who else is doing this and what tact they're taking.

When I did the CISSP, I used the Shon Harris book and the Official (ISC)2 book and read the corresponding chapters together, but mostly just thought about the material a lot. Then, I went to the training and sat the exam. That worked well for me.

I know that the CISSP is integrated into a lot of university curriculum. Is there anything like this for the CCSP? I already have a masters degree... but perhaps some graduate certificate? If that is the case, I can more readily get employer funding for something like that.
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    If you want something lighter to warm up, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) have a exam called CCSK. ISC2 and CSA have collaborated to create the CCSP so you could see it as a stepping stone.

    For training on the cheap site, buy a few books, watch some Cybrary video (Kelly Handerhan is doing a great job on her videos). So for 100-150$ you can get most book on the market for CCSP.

    CCSP is on my list for 2018, I recently did CISSP, but I needed a break after this exam before taking another security exam. I will do it in Q2.
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    I am mostly covered on books, as I have Safari Books Online, so I have the Sybex and (ISC)2 books. I think I am more ready to just jump in, but I am looking for things that are "synergistic" or "creative" to reduce the friction.
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    Hey Powerfool,

    I got my books for the CCSP earlier this week and aiming to write it in the next couple of months. I'm a type of person who likes to read from various of sources to get a firm understanding of the material; the AIO CCSP, ISC2 CCSP CBOK and the Official ISC2 CCSP Study Guide from Sybex (I may not use some of it depending on how firm I am with the material).

    You probably thinking that I'm overkill when it comes to my sources but I'm coming in with the mindset similarly to what of I've did when I wrote the CISSP. Over the past year, I've wrote the several exams that have a ton of overlap. I've also gathered that I'm going to be reading some of the cloud security material + the online Cybrary videos to help with the studying.

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    Hi Powerfool,

    I passed my CCSP yesterday first time, 1 year after my CISSP. I used the Ben Malisow book and made sure I read and understood all the references in the book e.g. NIST 800-145 etc. Compared to the CISSP, the exam wasn't too strenuous, I did mine in 2 hours 15 mins.

    Revision wise, I used the flash cards that come with the book, and used the CCSP android app on my lunch breaks. Anywhere where I thought my knowledge needed cementing, I created a crib sheet and referred to this every day for 1 week.

    Now wondering what to go for next!
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    I'm going for the CCSP too. I'm starting on CCSK studies first and aim to take that in about two weeks, then will start the CCSP. I think I'm going to use the approach I used for the CISSP and go bootcamp style for about two weeks and see where I'm at with the official ISC2 practice tests book I just ordered. I'll look to spend about 4-6 hours a day studying for those two weeks. I have ADD and a busy life so I find that long, spread out study sessions don't work for me. Never understood how people spend 3-6 months prepping for the CISSP. Anyways, I have the official CCSP study guide as well. I'll also use the various PDFs and documents that are referenced as making up the CBK.
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    @ComputerTrail - Congratulations on your exam! - I'm aiming to write my exam near the end of March or near Mid April after my vacation. I got my books, videos and exam questions all lined up.
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    I took the CCSP about 6 months after it was released, got the official CCSP book and passed it on the 1st try 2 months or so later. If you are working with cloud solutions you will be fine.
    CCSP focuses on how cloud works, benefits, advantages etc, what cloud providers are offering, the different types of services etc. It does not focus on specific details of how to implement the technologies or services.
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