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I don't have any certifications and never have. I was pursuing A+ but have since been told Sec+ might be more beneficial to not only attain immediate A+ requirements, but also put me on a good path for my Defense IT goals. A lot of people here seem to do self study, but that just does not work for me. I'm also inclined to over study and still not have the confidence an Instructor Led Course would provide.

So I guess my question is, with my starting point, would taking a one week Sec+ course be worth it's $2500 price tag and adequately prepare me or is it also encouraged to get some kind of training guide?


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    One approach I find helpful is to write my own curriculum, so to speak. Start with the exam objectives (the pdf is available for free on CompTIA's website) and then find 2 or 3 study resources. Usually a combination of books, video series, and perhaps labs are good. Divide it all up and spread that all out into daily activities over a few weeks.

    You're going to have to learn how to study by yourself eventually. What will you do when you need to learn how to use some technology at work where there is no instructor to spoon feed you?
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    My intention was to not make it sound like I'm incapable of studying on my own. However, learning all that I'd need to to pass a Cert test on my own through text and videos online I fear would not be enough. That's why I'm wondering if say an Exam Cram or some Prof Messor videos would be encouraged in addition to and ILT or if the course is built to get someone in my position a (reasonably) confident pass. I suppose for $2500, it absolutely should, but I just wanted to ask opinions.
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    Do not spend $2,500 on a Security+ course...CBT Nuggets,, Darril Gibson's book...there are several options that will keep you around $500 (maybe less) including the exam cost.

    Are you talking about regular IT like system administrator roles? If so, you will be better off getting an MCSA:Server first, and then getting Security+. If you have an MCSA, you probably can get a job in the sector and they will give you 6 months to get Security+ (standard time frame) if you don't already have it. IT departments will look more favorably on the MCSA and no Security+ than they will Security+ and no MCSA...this is because the MCSA shows you can work within the OS for the daily tasks, Security+ would still be a toss up. Last, for IT jobs...most require a computing environment certification or training so it will be required at some point.

    If you were to buy MS Server, you will be somewhere around $700 for the OS...but you could also get a trial, or if you have an edu email address you can get it for free from Microsoft. This means cost wise you will be pretty close to equal for either path.
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    My current situation is basically having a Defense IT position ready for me and just contingent on me getting at least my A+. Like I said in my original post, I have been encouraged to abandon that for Sec+ and was also told Sec+ will 1. Count as A+ and then some and 2. help me get into higher tier jobs. MCSA might very well be a logical direction to go in, but current perspective employer is telling me to do A+/Sec+.
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