Best minimum wage job to break into IT?

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Hello, I am embarassed to say ive been on this site a long time without making any progress. In fact, i only have half the A+. I want to break Into the hands on computer repair type tech jobs within IT. At this point, I'm in a situation where people jusy want to see me keep a job. So, I figured I would take a job anf volunteer on the side. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas of the best minimum wage type jobs(I'm 30 btw) to apply,for in IT, please let me know. I would,enjoy a hands on jobike being a cisco data center tech in the long run.

I'm in the Denver area if,that helps.


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    I would see the volunteer gig coming before you can land a job in any computer repair shop.
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    You'll do best with a full A+, Network + and some other thing like A MS cert or Linux+. You've been here for two years, why only one part of A+? People can point the way but you have to put in the effort.
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    What about a job as a data center tech? It looks right up my alley. Its very physical and inside. How would I get into that industry?
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    Apply to job postings. When someone responses, sell yourself during the interview.
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    Good idea. What about doing an entry level data center tech
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    Can I call an employet after applying.
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    I would apply to staffing agencies and try to get a help desk position. That would be your foot in the door to the IT world.

    Then in your spare time, knock out A+ and whatever Microsoft / COMPTIA certs you are interested in.
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