Just passed A+

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I was referred here by a friend of mine who is a sysadmin. I have worked as a pharmacy tech for 3 years and I am
now looking for a career in IT. I just passed my A+ and have been getting experience working on the systems at the store I work at.
ex. computer wont boot, printer issues and network problems. A lot of basic stuff. I am looking to put competencies on my resume
but I am not sure what I can put down. I've programmed a few firewalls and ran some cable for the security cameras.
Im looking to land an entry level job.
Thank you.

p.s if the format of this post is wrong please forgive me. This is the first time I have even heard about this site.


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    Can you work as a data centwr tech spijf tbis
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    You seem to have the right skills for desk-side support. Nowadays, the key to getting through HR is ensuring you cover everything they ask for in a job posting. Since your resume will be fairly short from an IT perspective, you might consider having a "Skills and Competencies" section. It's here you'll list networking, TCP/IP (yes, both), customer service skills, etc. You should also provide a bit more info on dealing with difficult customers. I'm sure you hav a few stories from the pharmacy, those same skills are used to deal with PITA desk-side support customers so play them up.
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