Access Data FTK ACE Certification no longer free

IronmanXIronmanX Member Posts: 323 ■■■□□□□□□□
Well this sucks. I was on the site not that long ago and saw no mention of it.

"Important: Starting February 1, 2018, AccessData will begin charging an administrative fee of $100 for taking the ACE certification tests through the testing system. Costs associated with offering and administering the testing system continues to rise. While we regret having to implement this fee, this is in line with other companies in the field who also charge a fee for their certification, though you will find our fee significantly lower than most. There is no fee to create or access your account on the testing system. The fee covers; Primary test attempt (if you require a second attempt – there is no charge) and Re-certification tests. (There is no fee associated with the study materials) "

$100 is not horrible but orgs around here don't use FTK so I was hoping to get a free cert that could show I have a interest and some skills when it comes to digital forensics.

I guess for now certification of completions in some free or cheap on line courses will have to do.6
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