Errors in Syngress 291 book

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I picked up the Syngress 291 book and have already noticed quite a few errors...and I'm only on the 2nd chapter. Anyone know if there is an errata page out there for this book??


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    Go here and register your book and there are corrections listed.
    I haven't seen it myself, because I don't have my book with me
    to register.
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    This is all they have listed...I should have submitted the errors I found throughout my reading.


    Page : 53

    In the second paragraph under "Class B" the decimal translation of the IP Address should be

    Pages: 58 and 59

    In Exercise 1.02 Bitwise ANDing :
    Question 1:
    The IP address of in dotted decimal notation is incorrect.

    In dotted decimal it should be:


    In questions 2 and 3 on page 59, the first octet in both the IP address and result columns should be 10010010.

    Page 64:

    In the second complete paragraph, the correct decimal notation for IP address should be:

    10010010.01000000.11000001.00001110 not 10010001.01000000.11000001.00001110
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